Day One

So my idea is to try to track my time, outside of the general school day hours, that I spend working on “school stuff”. I’m not counting any work I’ve done before August 1 – mainly because I didn’t think of this blog until today. So I know this entry will say it’s posted on August 2, but you’ll just have to take me on my honor that the work I describe was all completed yesterday. I swear on my lesson plan book. ūüėČ

I only worked on “school stuff” for about 3 hours yesterday (midnight until 3am, actually). I would’ve liked to get into my classroom, but I was there the day before and the janitors told me I wouldn’t be able to get in again until next week. Le sigh. So I brought out my lesson plan book and laptop and worked from home.

I have a new prep this year, so I spent the 3 hours creating the website, writing the syllabus and planning the first unit’s lessons. None of those projects are finished though, so more on them as I progress.

One task I was able to complete was preparing an ice breaker game for the first week of class. Here’s the background:

My new prep is the sophomore level Scriptures course. I also teach theology to freshmen and seniors and advise the yearbook program. ¬†I wanted to come up with a couple of new ice breakers to play with the sophomores because some of them already played my usual ones last year. ¬†Plus they already know each other somewhat, so we don’t have to focus so much on basic name memorization. I adapted this one from a list I found on Pinterest. ¬†The original was designed to be played like a board game and I thought it would be awesome to create a “SmartBoardgame”. Fun, right? Unfortunately the board game ¬†template wouldn’t play nice and it was 3 am, so I adjusted the plan a bit.

Here’s the finished product.

get to know throw

The idea is that the students will throw a ball at the SmartBoard and it will bring up a random question that they will then need to answer. Like this…

get to know throw question 2get to know throw question

Simple,¬†silly and fun. ¬†I won’t use this on the first day of class; I’ll use a more interactive icebreaker that day. ¬†My school is on a partial block schedule though, so I think this will be a great break during our first block class.

Here’s the template I ended up using. ¬†It looks like it was designed with a younger age group in mind, but if it goes well with my class, I may end up using it for a review game from time to time. ¬†I think it may be a keeper!

So 1 day into our countdown between summers and the total stands at 3 hours of planning and prep work.


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