Distribution Day – One Yearbook Out, Let the Next One Begin!

I’m just going to come right out and say it, I’m logging a bajillion hours for today.  That’s what it feels like I worked.  Today was the day every yearbook adviser dreads and looks forward to at the same time…Distribution Day (but mostly dreads).

I started out early today and gave myself plenty of time to stop for iced coffee on the way to school (a MUST!). Once there, I grabbed my supplies from the classroom and headed over to the cafeteria for distribution.  Normally I would have my staff up there to actually take care of the distribution; but this year, I’m in the (terrifying!) unique position of having only one returning staffer. My staff last year consisted of 11 seniors and two freshman. One of the now-sophomores is coming back, but this is a major rebuilding year, so I expected to do a lot of the work I would normally delegate to the editors.

My set up for distribution was pretty low-key. Our distribution is part of a back-to-school event where students have the yearbook picture taken, pick up their laptops and organize their lockers. Our distribution table is just one of several stops for the students. I placed class lists by grade level at the front of the table with pens. Students checked off their names and grabbed a book. No fuss.*

Once they opened the cafeteria doors, it was non-stop from 9am until noon. I spent most of that time unpacking more yearbooks, fixing laptops issues, pointing out lockers (to the freshmen) and catching up with students. Several advisees stopped by to thank me for their welcome back cards.

After distribution, I went out to grab a quick lunch and then came back to work on…you guessed it…my classroom. Again. I’m beginning to think that my classroom door is leading me into some kind of space-time vortex. I keep going in and thinking, “I’m almost done” and then, hours later, leaving and thinking, “There’s so much to do!” To prove I’ve been working, here’s a list of what I did today:
– switched a “hodge-podge” bulletin board to a picture board showcasing photos given to me by students
– found a place for the three boxes of extra yearbooks that will be picked up over the next couple of weeks
– cleaned and organized my desk drawer (This was a JOB, let me tell you.)
– set-up a new organization/file system for my advisement (So exciting! More in a future post.)
– pulled all the desks that need to be replaced

I also spent some time teaching a coworker how to set up her seating arrangements using our online system. So maybe not a bajillion, but eight hours of work on a Saturday still has me feeling fairly accomplished. 🙂

Don’t expect a post from me tomorrow. I have to work open to close at the retail job, and then I hope to spend my last night of “vacation” with my family.*I should mention I work at a private school where the yearbook is included in the activity fees. This means every student gets a book and makes distribution much easier.


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