Easy, Quick Ice Breaker

Quick post today – on my way to the other job as SuperSalesGal.

After my long day yesterday, I was able to enjoy a leisurely morning.  Took my time getting ready.  It’s a big day after all – meeting my frosh for the first time!

I got to school just in time for our department meeting.  We discussed department goals and a department-wide reflection assignment on the school motto.  We spent some time together in prayer and our department chair updated us on the latest news from academic council.  

After the meeting, I had time to grab a little lunch before heading back to the classroom to meet my freshmen for the the first time.  

At our school, the freshmen have a three day orientation program that acclimates them to the school before classes start.  It’s lead by some of the seniors and involves many different sessions and activities.  One of the activities is a dry run of the schedule.  Each freshman follows her personal schedule; this allows them to get a feel for how they will need to get from one building to another.  It also allows the freshmen a chance to meet their teachers in a relaxed and fun setting.

We had 12 minutes with each of our classes.  As my students entered, I had each of them grab a question from the “Chat Pack”.  The Chat Pack is a set of cards I found that has funny and thought-provoking questions.  Each student took a question and I gave them a minute to think about their answer.  They could trade out for a different card if they wanted to.  Then I called on them one at a time and they shared their answer with the class.  I made jokes with them and praised their answers.  It was the perfect way to fill the 12 minutes and I think they had fun listening to one another’s answers.  

After that, I went on a hunt for new desks.  I have large classes this year and the huge desks I had were taking up way too much space.  Luckily we found some smaller ones in the attic and the maintanence guys have agreed to bring them over tomorrow.  So I spent a little time moving out the old ones with the help of a coworker and several students.  

I added another update to the freshman class website and called it a day.  6 hours for me today.  

I’ll leave you with a pic of the Chat Pack.



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