5 (Other) Hats Worn by Teachers

I just got home from my part-time job and I am exhausted. Today I was struck by all the different roles a teacher plays throughout the day. Here are five that come to mind when I think of my day:

  1. Career counselor – I spent activity period talking about colleges and careers with one of the seniors.  She’s considering studying education at my alma mater. *(Woohoo!)
  2. Comforter – As in “one who brings comfort,” not like the bedspread. I handed back quizzes to my frosh today and one girl was very upset with her grade. I tried to tell her that it was just one grade and there were many more opportunities to come, but in the end I think the best I could offer her was a tissue and a reassuring pat on the back. Le sigh.
  3. Image

    I have a poster in my classroom with this quote. Some days I recite it mentally like a personal mantra. 😉

  4. Cheerleader – My yearbook students have begun the process of brainstorming theme ideas and, for me, the first few days are spent encouraging and praising all concepts – no matter how badly I want to say “back to the drawing board!” I know that they’ll come up with a great idea – eventually.
  5. Etiquette Police – “Please?” “Thank you?” “Good morning?” I think I spend half my day prompting students with manner cues.
  6. Lost and Found Box – Planners, wallets, laptops, textbooks, etc, etc, etc…

8.5 hours of school work for me today.


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