Brainstorming on Pinterest

Today was a productive 11 hour day for me.  It was the first night off I’ve had from my SuperSalesGal job all week, so I had a lot of projects I was hoping to complete.  Well, complete may have been a bit overly-ambitious…

So my biggest accomplishment (and by “my,” I really mean “my yearbook staff’s”) was making real progress on our theme plan for this year’s book.  I have a pretty inexperienced staff and, although we’ve been developing theme for three weeks, they’ve been very hesitant to commit to any ideas.  I haven’t rushed the process, but I admit that I entered class today thinking, “We are never going to have a theme.”

So I took roll and put the list we had brainstormed up on the board.  I asked which of the 3 they’d focused on yesterday was standing out to them today.

They chose number 4. Le sigh.

But then something magical happened.  Something about #4 (which had been on the list for weeks, but never really considered) clicked with them today. I asked why it would be relevant…they named off reason after reason.  I asked how it would apply to coverage, theme pages and spin-offs…they chimed in like they had the routine rehearsed.  It was amazing.

They were clearly on a roll, so I wanted to keep the momentum going. The only problem was that I hadn’t prepared any material on the next step of theme development – brainstorming relevant visuals.

So I went to the best way I know to create a visual brainstorming board – Pinterest.  

The wealth of visuals we found on Pinterest occupied us for the remainder of class.  Before long, we were sketching out original ideas and piecing together a viable theme plan for the book.

Thank goodness the TechGuys unblocked Pinterest on the school network this year. 😉